Our People

A commitment to you

We say with full confidence you will not find a more accomplished dedicated group of people anywhere. Some old school, some new breed and a cadre of respected industry experts; all sharing one common, driving passion – helping you design, develop and enjoy the highest quality vineyard possible.

Kevin Barr – Owner
A UC Davis graduate with 33 years of experience and founder of REVM, Kevin directs all aspects of REVM’s business from the ground up, overseeing the daily operations, cash flow, business planning, etc. Simply put, if it affects REVM, Kevin is involved. He holds a special place in his heart for mechanics and the part of his job that allows him to manage the wide range of equipment REVM offers for each project, making sure everything needed is available for the job.

Beyond REVM, Kevin takes an active role in the local community and wine industry, serving on the boards of the American Vineyard Foundation and the Santa Rosa Junior College Viticulture Advisory Board as well as his previous work as President of the Sonoma County Grape Growers Association and President of the Alexander Valley Winegrowers Association, current board member at Sonoma County Wine Commission, and previous board member for both the Sonoma County Vineyard Tech Group and Goodwill Industries.

Linda Barr – Owner
As a partner in the company and a 4th generation Sonoma County farmer/winemaker, Linda wears many hats – overseer of field crews, office, harvest and safety operations – and frequently wears all of them working the same long hours as Kevin. Linda’s Italian heritage and life-long passion for hard work (she was moving irrigation pipe and picking prunes at 10) made her a natural for vineyard management. Equally comfortable behind the wheel of a pickup or at the computer keyboard, Linda is involved in managing all aspects of the company. She is the glue that holds everything together, with an exceptional work ethic, boundless energy and relentless good spirits.

Linda’s emphasis on safety is evidenced by a large sign that reads “Safety First” which is hanging at our headquarters for everyone to see as they drive out of the yard.

Member North Bay California Women for Agriculture
California State Women in Agriculture

Tyler Klick – Viticulturist/Owner
A graduate of UC Davis Viticulture and Enology program and St. Mary’s College in Health Science, Tyler joined REVM in 1997 on the grounds crew and eventually worked himself up to his present position as co-owner and viticulturist. Tyler oversees all traditional and specialty viticulture for REVM, meets with foremen to dispatch daily activities, supervises viticultural technicians, field foremen, supervisors, tractors, spray programs, etc. He also works with outside consultants, does estimating, budgeting and deals with the overall construction projects.

Tyler is actively involved in creek restoration projects and certification programs such as:
• Fish Friendly Farming
• Organic Certifiers
• Certified CA Sustainable Winegrowing

Tyler led REVM to become the first certified sustainable vineyard management company in the State of California and is proud of REVM’s commitment to organic and sustainable practices making sure that any property we put our hands on is environmentally better after we are finished.

Member of:
Alexander Valley Winegrowers
Russian River Valley Winegrowers
ASEV member
CAWG member

Jesus Torres Martinez – Viticulture Supervisor
An expert in all aspects of vineyard development and vineyard management, Jesus is our most accomplished pruner and has been an integral part of REVM for more than 30 years. Jesus is our resident expert in irrigation installation & maintenance.

Dante Guerro Ruano – Viticulture Supervisor
Dante is REVM’s vineyard equipment specialist. Since 1985 he has been an invaluable member of our team-building expertise in all cultural practices related to premium wine grape growing. 28 years at REVM.

Ramiro Rodriguez – Viticulture Supervisor
Ramiro is REVM’s longest tenured employee. Ramiro exclusively handles the installation of all REVM’s trellis systems in addition to other phases of vineyard development. 30 years at REVM.